ABOUT Humanist Cafe

Our Mosaic

This site is a small contribution to the progressive dialogue – but a tiny piece of America’s progressive mosaic.  Even the smaller pieces matter.  They must all be assembled before the work can be finished.

While the politics at HC are progressive in the vein of Theodore Roosevelt, ideological rigidity is eschewed.  We recognize guiding principles that allow us to think our way to solutions.

We believe in preserving and protecting our oceans and our skies.  We believe in bolstering and celebrating the middle and working classes.  We believe the aggregation of wealth and power in the hands of a few violates the tenets of Adam Smith capitalism as well as the tenets of Jeffersonian democracy.  We believe in the principles of the Enlightenment and in the efficacy of science.

We believe that identifying as American means more than being able to decide to go to war together.  This is not the citizens’ only duty to country, nor is it the country’s only legitimate request of its citizens.  We believe that American democracy demands robust participation to form a more perfect union.

Contributors include, carpenters and teachers and cops and nurses.  We’re older and younger and middle-aged too.  Whether self-educated or higher-educated, we care about history, politics and culture.  Armed with the knowledge of these things we shall fight to win the battle of ideas.

Discussion at HC is by no means limited to politics – thoughtful consideration of culture, history, philosophy and many other topics is quite welcome.  Your contributions are gladly received.  To submit articles or essays, please go to our Contact page.

Join us as we celebrate the power of knowledge.  Scientia potentia est.

~ Humanist Cafe’s Video Welcome ~


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